Monday, August 11, 2014

Wolfquest review

Wolfquest is a realistic, lifelike, fun game! It is a game from Minnesota zoo too! It has a lifelike simulation, making it fun, and you'll never wanna stop! In this game, it is all about teaching the players about wolves on a video game! It is a really good game for ages 8 and up. Some young players wouldn't understand some stuff like hunting, and getting puppies. Kids up to 5 or younger. It is educational, and animal lovers would love it!! You live the life of a wolf, fighting for survival.You can really have a lot of fun with this game! First you start of naming and customizing your wolf. After you do that, you start of as a young 2 year old male or female wolf. You are in Yellowstone National park. The screen shows you all the controls, and actions. You are in a sandy, forest. This game wants you to find another wolf to start a pack with. On your way, you will want to hunt, or scavenge of elk, that will bring up your energy. If you don't eat, you'll die!

You find elk at the hunting grounds, where herds of elk live. To hunt down a elk, you of course want to find a herd. Then you can stalk, by  pressing shift on your computer. Then, when you get close enough, and the elk doesn't see you, you run towards your target by pressing w and then q. You want to hold down w, but not q. Next, when you run close enough to your elk, there is a red button, and you press it by clicking space bar. When you do that enough, you will kill the elk, and then, dinner is served! You can also hunt down rabbit, calves, and coyotes, although you can't eat coyotes.

 When you hunt down all the food you need, it is time to find a partner! When you venture to find him/her, you can go to the pack of grassy plains, amethyst mountain, or soda butte vista. It takes a while,  but then you get there, you have a good chance. Once you find a wolf to interact with, words will pop up. For example, let's play! He/she may respond to let's start a pack. When it starts to show hearts on your screen, it means they are starting to like you. When it shows 5 hearts, it means you are now a pack, well, a small one. After that you will have to find a safe den, where the big surprise happens! But before that you will have to make your den yours. You mark your territory by pressing p. you will do it over and over. Marking warns all the other wolves, bears, and coyotes to go away!
It is worth it too.

 When you are done marking, it will turn spring, and this is when the surprise comes! 4 new wolf  puppies come to your pack! You will be able to name you pups and watch them grow. When they are pups, they are all the same color. When they become big wolves like you, they will change colors. But be aware of the stinky coyotes and bears! They will kill your pups in a second. You can defend them by pressing space bar, for your pups! After all of that defending, you will teach your pups to fend for themselves, to hunt, and scavenge. But when just little guys, you will have to hunt or scavenge for them! When you've got your food, it will show food for pups. You will eat, then have leftovers. Go home to your den, and when it says feed pups, press space bar and you'll barf up a nice chunk of meat! Do that with all your pups, just don't give them too much. When they grow they will leave your pack😢 you won't like it. The end of your wolfquest game stops here, that's sad too, but.....LETS PLAY AGAIN!!!!!!

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Have fun!!

Intro to Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun building game for the computer, Xbox360, Xbox one, and Tablet!! You can play with your friends on your Worlds, It's a Great for Kids 7 and up. So I think that is a great game to play! You will find so much stuff to do and find... but it can be challenging when you are in survival mode. it was created by Markus Persson with the help of Team Mojang. Minecraft was created on November 19th 2011. Thanks for reading BYE!!!


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