Saturday, January 3, 2015


Ok guys, today I'm talking about StarStables. It's a really fun game for horse lovers like me, and it is a big game. Lots of people play this awesome online game, and I hope you like my review. 

First... You start off customizing your person, naming them, and styling them. They can have short hair, long hair, brown hair, black hair. And remember! This person DOSNT have to look exactly like you! They can look completely different!
After you do that, you customize your horse. You desighn their mane, and coat, and you can name them as well as the humans. For example, Stormheart. That sort of name. Then, you would talk to Justin, the stable's owner's son. (Sorry if that was a bit confusing😊) he will tell you the basics of caring for your horse, and he will tell you to make freinds with a girl named May.

You will talk to May, and she will tell you to go see Jenna, the stable girl. She will give you a quest to do, some kind of riding thing; I dunno what it's called!😜 you will complete the quest, and then earn the privlage to gallop and go outside of Moorland stables. That's the name of it.
That really is all I can remember of it, because the game is a lot, but here is some tips and tricksπŸ˜‰

1. Different gaits and tricks to controlling your horse

How you control your horse is very simpel; once you get the hang of it. To go faster, press on the up arrow on your keyboard, or the w button. To move backwards or lower your speed, just press the down arrow on your keyboard, or press on s button.
To jump is easy as well, but you have to be a star rider to do soπŸ˜• last, how to steer left and right. You press A button for left, and D button for right. If you have a mouse, you can use that to guide your horse too. Or you can use the side keys.

2. How to care for your horse

This is also easy, and there is also a intro on how to do it on the game too. First, you have to dismount your horse. Go to your inventory, and select what tool you want to use. Bring it close to the horse, and when it turns green, let go of it, and it will show you brushing, feeding, watering, or picking your horse.

Well, those are all the tips and tricks I have time to show you! Hope you have fun with the game!!!🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎