Thursday, December 10, 2015

Epona, and Icelandic Horses!!!

Have you checked Starstable's website lately? You may have noticed, but, like I said previously, a new horse and a new area came to star stable! I'm upset I cant buy the new horse, the Icelandic Pony, because it is in the new area, Epona! I do not know the requirements, but, if you have already done them, good for you!

1. You may want to know this. Lead ropes will come out on the 16th of December, in all different colors. To make this cuter, they made you actually holding onto the horse's bridle reins, instead of an actual rope to go around your horses face.

2. Yes, the Icelandic Pony has arrived o Star Stable! If already unlocked, you can see them at Epona, coming in three different colors: ginger/red, blueish roan, and dark bay. I'm sorry, yes, they're at Epona. I'm not allowed yet!

3. Like I said for the horses, There is a new area called Epona! I can't wait to see what this place looks like. It looks gigantic, and beautiful, with lots more charachters to explore, plus... there will be more horses!!!

I'm hoping your excited as I am about getting to epona, and doing all new quests!