Monday, May 18, 2015

Horse Isle

Today, I'm going to talk about this really fun game called Horse Isle! For all you guys and girls who love horses, I would recommend this game to you.

This game is for both grownups and kids, and now has two versions. One is Eternal Mode, which is less violent and is better for younger children. This version has you get horses and make them live forever, and dose not include breeding or crossbreeding. (By the way, this is the one I have!)

The second version is life cycle version, which has a birth and death of the horses. Your horse has an age number as well as being sick or injured, and involves breeding and crossbreeding, better for older kids.

In the game, you can complete quests, play and chat with friends, get to know other people, and ride and care for your horse. You start out as a boy or girl, it depends, and you start off without a horse, and earn lot of money doing quests. There is three choices to getting horses.
One, you can go on any island and look for an untamed horse, which you have to give to a trainer to get it civilized.
Second, you can buy a surrendered horse for 20,000 coins, which is not a lot in this game, for you get lots of money doing quests as I just exclaimed.
You can auction for a horse in the auction house, which costs only a little bit of money, but you may not win the auction.

 My honest choice would be number two, getting a surrender horse.:)

To control your horse is easy, the four arrow keys on your computer. 

Thanks for reading, and have fun playing! If you want to go to the Horse isle website, it is:

have fun!!!!  

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