Friday, September 4, 2015

dog diaries and horse diaries!!!🐢🐎

Hi! If you have not seen or heard of the book horse or dog diaries, here is a description.
This book is really good. So far, I've read all the horse diaries, and I'm on number five for dog diaries. One thing!!! They NEED to make a cat diaries!:0
You have to agree with me :I

These books are about dogs and horses that give the story of their life in their point of view. The first book of horse diaries is ELESKA, a Shetland pony(I think!)
The first dog diaries was GINGER, a sweet golden retriever. That's a fact. I can't wait for the next dog diaries to come out with the little Scottie!

My favorite horse diaries was the one with the native Appaloosa! That one is awesome because knsbstruppers and Appaloosas are my favirote horses! (They look real similar!)

So, have fun reading this awesome series of books. Hope you like em'!