Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lion and Wolf simuator

Hi! Have you guy heard of a game called "Ultimate Wolf Simulator," or "Ultimate Lion Simulator?"
These two games are amazing, and come on Ipads, and any phones. These games are alike, and are made by a company called Gluten Free Games. I love all of their games, but these two simulators are the best of all!

When you start out, you get to choose your lion's color and name. It gives you a little intro and everything. On this game, you can hunt animals, (drag large prey, and carry small prey). You can find wolves or lions to add to your pride/pack, and breed your animals at certain levels. You can battle deadly bosses, and fight other lion/ wolf prides and packs. Upgrade your lions/wolves to look how you want. Play as your wolf/lion cub or pup, but you are restricted to the den!

Well, have fun playing the simulators! .p.s., if you want, you can see if it plays on the computer. I've seen people who play with a mouse. Anyways, good luck.

WARNING:  these games do cost 0.99. If you are willing to pay, buy it. Worth the dollar. :3