Friday, December 5, 2014

Animal Jam review

Have you ever played Animal Jam? It is a very fun game. Animal Jam allows you to learn about different plants, animals, and other creatures while playing this awesome game.
First of, you have to make a profile. You may want help from a parent or adult. After you complete making your profile, you choose from a wolf, seal, bunny, tiger,  and more. You click on the animal you would like to play as, and then you choose his or her name.
You get to choose from three different slots. Say you choose: Junior sleepypaw. That's how you would put your name. Choose wisely, because you can't change it after making your animal.

After making and naming your animal, you start to actually play the game. It first starts you off with a tutorial. It teaches you to shop, buddy, and customize your animal.
You can skip that tutorial, but if you want to learn all the controls, then your better of listening. Liza the panda warrior will give you your tutorial, just to let you know.

After all that stuff, your on your own. Explore the worlds, go on adventures, make freinds, and go to epic dens, quests, and parties. But there is still a lot to know!

If you want to become freinds with one another, you've gotta be buddies! Buddies can play together, and do quests together. If you want to buddy somebody, you've got to click on your name. All the other people playing will show up on your screen, and when you see the animals name (under the animal) click on it. It may not click, so you guys can't buddy. After you do that, it will show the player's user name, animal, sighns that say: block player, go to den, buddy, or report player.
You want to press on buddy.
You gave the person a buddy request, and they need to receive it. The player will say yes or no. If it says yes, they are your buddy. If it says no, they aren't.
Make sure you have permission from a parent of gaurdian first, so you won't get in trouble. Those are the basics of buddying.

Membership is the most best part about AJ. To get a membership, you have to get a membership card from a store at a certain fee. When you get on Animal Jam agin, you gave to tips in a coad on your AJ  card.
Enter in the code, and click the play button as usaul. Next thing you know, your a member! When your a member you can get really cool stuff like new animals to buy, pets, other dens too!
Lots of people brag about being a member, and makes non-members feel bad. You wouldn't want to do that, would you?

Here are some final tips. If you want to go to epic dens, or do quests, go to the world map. It shows the different areas you can visit, and on the left side of the screen, you will se a green portal or a castle.
The portal stands for quests, and the castle stands for epic dens.

Make sure to use kind words on this game. You can text on it, and the words appear on your screen. Use good words, and not bad words on this game! People can report you, and you will be ban.
Also, make sure you have fun playing this game, hope you liked the review!!

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