Monday, December 8, 2014

Horse simulator 🐴

Ok, it's a good game. Could use a lot of updates though, and it could have more control buttons like call, stamp, and make it easier to find new horses to join your herd. This game is fun and all, but here are some suggestions for it. Hope you like my review.

1. It is very frustrating, because if is not very easy to find stuff. Of course, bigger the better, and I have a small herd of horses. I've got a baby, and two mares. That's all, and it's all because it's inpossible to find anyone. Please make it easier, or tell me how to change this.

2. It's really been bugging me that you run out of energy so fast. It's kinda silly, cause no horse runs out of energy that fast. It lasts about ten seconds to run, and it's only for a short distance, AND it waists most of the yellow bar. Fix this, or again, tell me what to do.

3. It would be really cool if your foals could grow up, and there could actually be farmers working a the farm. They could catch you or one of your herd members, and keep you as a domestic horse. This is just a suggestion, and you don't have to do it.

4. MORE COLORS!!!!! These colors are very boring to me. They are dull, or solid, and they look so plain. Maybe some dapple grey, some mist print, or spots. That would be a real big plus on the game, and more people would buy.

5. Lower the price. Sure, it's worth it, but most iPad or phone games should be less it think. Like I said befor, you don't have to. Only, more people!

Well, that's all. Hope ya liked my review! Make sure to comment!!!🐴

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