Saturday, December 6, 2014


Ever heard of the game spore? If not, your going to reight now! First of, spore is a very fun game where you live the life of a creature. You can customize them, battle with them, and become freinds with other creatures and animals. It opens up to a Milky Way looking thing on the first page of the game. There are about 15 planets around it, and you chose one your creature or animal will live on. All the planets look different, and you can choose from any one of them. When you click on the planet you want, it will show what stage you want to go on. These stages are cell stage, creature stage, and tribal stage. The very first one is cell stage, and most people like to start from the beginning. When you go to the cell stage, you have to name your planet. You can keep the name they give you, or you can make your own. Once you finish that, the game gives you an introduction on how to play. You can be a carnivore, or a herbivore, or an omnivore. Being an omnivore is easy stuff; food floats around the water you swim in. You go towards the food. The meat is red, and the plants are green. Your cell will chomp up th food, and you slightly grow. Remember this, that there are bigger cells than you. You could end up being live bate, or they could. Carnivores can attack with biting others, but herbivores or omnivores can not. You could get other weapons like spikes, poison shooters, or electric tail bulbs. These things will defend you from getting eaten, and they will harm other cells. Once you get to the end of the cell stage, your creature or animal will come to land. You get to put legs on your spore, and you get new colors.
Your spore will make a nest on land, and that's where your family will live until you migrate (comes later in game.)

Once you do that, you will battle, and friend other spores. On the way, you get to customize your spore. Pick new mouths, feet, hands, battle armor, and charms to put on. These help your spore develope to the new world, and attract others.
You also get to welcome other spores (your species or another ) you can't defeat your allies, bug you can defeat others with your pack. You may get eaten yourself, but you may not. Well, thats all I gotta say for now.
Lots more to learn, but I'm only here for the cells and creatures. Hope you liked the review, bye!😜

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